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Apr 14, 2020


Incorporating the Human Experience into Your Digital Shopper Content

By: Diana Allwein and Alexandra Plowman  

The way shoppers engage online continues to become more fluid in terms of how they search for and purchase products. Now, more than ever, e-commerce is the new shopping normal and retailers are competing to offer the best optimized digital experiences and value. Black Friday 2019 was proof as shopping continued to shift from brick & mortar to the living room couch, with online spend hitting just over $7 billion, +23% vs prior year.

Most recently, the current COVID-19 situation has accelerated this shift in behavior of shopping for groceries and staples online in an effort to practice social distancing. Post virus, we expect this shift will continue to grow.  

What does this mean? Showing up well is more important than ever. Brands need to invest in creating an informative and compelling digital shelf and employ a demand generation strategy that highlights and spotlights their equity and unique benefits, or they risk not being seen. Let’s take a look at best practices for making the most of your products’ online presence.

Incorporate brand storytelling into the digital shelf

Pay attention to quality

Have a demand generation strategy

Digital Shelf Content Best Practice

E-Commerce trends are evolving faster than predicted, especially with the recent pandemic.   Brands that deliver a compelling experience and get the digital shelf fundamentals right are poised to win the e-commerce sale.

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