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Jun 23, 2020


Can Any Brand be a Wellness Brand? Mosaic OneEighty Reveals the Significance of Marketing Wellness

By Pauline Critch-Gilfillan

When change occurs, the way people see and listen to the world shifts. This is what makes media so powerful. It has the ability to control the narrative about what’s happening in the world, thereby impacting how people move, buy and interact.

With new realities come new expectations. People are now viewing brands through three distinctions: “safe or unsafe,” “helpful or unhelpful,” “courageous or cowardly."      

This wave of new distinctions has not spared the paradigms of health and wellness. Moving far beyond face masks and spin bikes, the definition of wellness is expanding to include mental health, social connection, and frankly — anything that makes you and your circle feel good. 

“Health is not just the absence of disease” - Dr. Vivien Brown at Mosaic OneEighty

Michelob ULTRA has taken a new role in home life, bringing virtual workouts to the nation, in support of local gyms and studios. HBO’s latest campaign “It’s OK to not be OK” used faces of their past and present TV series to promote mental health during quarantine.

“Wellness is no longer just about the individual anymore. It's about the greater collective, and that includes the earth.” - Lana Pawziuk, Digital Director at Canopy Growth, at Mosaic OneEighty

All of this change may sound intimidating to us as we sit cozily in our comfort zone. However, there’s great opportunity at hand to move beyond this way of thinking. Brands now have the chance to solidify their purpose in the world, with clarity and freedom.

The knowledge that you can go far beyond traditional silos is a notion that could change the future of your P&L — and the world. At a time where nothing is “normal,” why not flip the script?

4 Takeaways from Mosaic OneEighty’s “The Wellness Pandemic” Panel

1. Listen and then provide value

2. Take advantage of the definitions being rewritten during this time

3. Expand the narrative that wellness is a luxury, expand your audience

4. Strategize with an occasion-based approach

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