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Jan 2, 2020

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Top 20 CPG Industry Predictions for 2020

By: Colin Stewart, SVP Business Intelligence, Acosta

2020 Predictions

Jacksonville, Fla., (November 18, 2019) − Experts from Acosta — a leading full-service sales and marketing agency in the consumer packaged goods industry — compiled their top 20 CPG predictions for 2020, including higher demand for pet products, integration of the in-store and online shopping experience and non-traditional channel growth.

“We expect to see continued growth in many of the categories that took off in 2019 such as self-care, CBD and plant-based food,” said Colin Stewart, Executive Vice President of Business Intelligence. “Additionally, in 2020, retailers will focus on becoming more environmentally conscious, sourcing locally, keeping prices low and making the in-store shopping experience more enjoyable and tech-friendly.”

The top 20 CPG predictions for 2020, grouped into four categories, are:

Macro Consumer Predictions

1. Focus on Self-Care

2. Experience-Based Shopping

3. Emphasis on Sustainability

Category/Brand Predictions

4. CBD Goes Mainstream

5. Plant-Based Everything

6. Consumers “Begging” for More Pet Products

7. Comeback of Premiumization

8. Further Expansion of Functional Foods and Beverages

9. Rise of Private Brands

10. Reduced Access to E-Cigarettes and Tobacco

11. Buying Local Continues

Shopping Experience Predictions

12. Retailers Double Down on Remodels

13. Focus on Store Experience

14. Mobile-Enabled Shopping in the Store

15. Path to Purchase is No Longer Linear

16. Continued Perimeter Improvement

17. Low Price is Table Stakes

Store Operations Predictions

18. Supply Chain Focus

19. Expanded Grocery Delivery and Pickup Options

20. Non-Traditional Channel Growth

About Acosta

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